History of CENA Trauma Nursing Program (TNP)

The Trauma Nursing Program began in 2002 as a unique collaboration between the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN Vic) and the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia (CENA Vic). Together they created the Victorian Clinical Nursing Consortium (VCNC) in order to combine and apply their extensive experience, knowledge and resources to the continued professional development of nurses, by improving the provision of nation-wide trauma care. This followed a recommendation by the Review of Trauma and Emergency Services – Victoria (ROTES) in 1999 that a single, standard, training course which could be integrated with other existing training courses, be introduced for all Victorian nurses involved in trauma care. With funding from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Victoria, through the Victorian Trauma Foundation (VTF), the VCNC developed a standardised program in trauma care for nurses, as an initiative from the recommendations of the ROTES report.

In 2005, after successful implementation in Victoria, there was a decision to extend the program outside of Victoria. From 2007, this program became more widely available across Australasia.

By mutual agreement between ACCCN and CENA, as from the 1st April 2010, the Trauma Nursing Program will be managed by CENA under the name ‘CENA Trauma Nursing Program (CENA TNP)’. The CENA TNP currently offers two modules: The Emergency (initial resuscitation) Nursing Module and The WARD Nursing Module.