DIP – Medical Diagnostic Imaging Pathways

Endorsed by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR), Diagnostic and Imaging Pathways (DIP) is a decision support resource aimed at referring clinicians. It includes a suite of pathways designed to guide the choice of the most appropriate diagnostic imaging examinations in the correct sequence and prevent unnecessary or inappropriate examinations. It includes over 160 pathways covering all the major organ systems and clinical conditions that are seen in general and specialist clinical practice.



The app is based on the website, Radiopaedia.org which itself is free and written by the radiology community. It presents a compilation of imaging studies and information on a spectacularly wide-ranging set of topics. The content is made up of voluntarily contributed patient cases, each labelled with a diagnosis, questions and discussion. In addition, there are topic pages for classifications of diseases, radiology, physics, radiographic signs.