Research Committee

Research Committee


Assoc. Professor Julia Morphet (Vic)

Wayne Varndell (NSW)

Assoc. Professor Marc Broadbent (Qld)
Christopher Clarke (SA)
Professor Jule Considine (Vic)
Dr Cliff Connell (Vic)
Professor Jule Crilly (Qld)
Professor Kate Curtis (UK)
Professor Margaret Fry (NSW)
Dr Bronwyn Griffin (Qld)
Dr Amy Johnston (Qld)
Assoc. Professor Lisa Kuhn (Vic)
Dr Jamie Ranse (Qld)
Professor Ramon Shaban (NSW)



The focus of the Research Committee is to coordinate and direct research within the CENA in accordance with national guidelines. The committee aims to support quality research which is relevant to emergency nursing by collaborating with multidisciplinary research teams, promoting evidence based practice and incorporating findings into clinical practice and acting as a conduit for research enquiries from members or outside groups to facilitate research appropriate to goals and objectives of CENA.

CENA is supportive of research that improves the evidence base for emergency nurses and will support research projects in a number of ways. One example is to send invitations to participate in studies to our membership. There is a rigorous process to ensure that our members only receive invitations from studies that are considered to be of interest to emergency nurses and are methodologically and ethically sound. If you are interested in accessing our membership please download this document to review the criteria and format for your application.

The aim of the Research Committee is to promote quality research relevant to the specialty of emergency nursing.

The objectives of the Research Committee are to:

  • develop CENA’s research directions,
  • develop strategies to support research that is relevant to emergency nursing,
  • increase the visibility of emergency nursing research at state, national and international levels,
  • strengthen CENA’s governance of research.

Download the Research Committee Terms of Reference here

The Research Committee of CENA encourages emergency nurses to undertake quality research that contributes to the evidence base for emergency nursing and improvements in patient care and emergency systems.

The Research Committee welcome enquiries from emergency nurses who are looking for advice developing research, research collaborations or research by higher degrees.  Please review the Committee members here and contact them directly or via