2020 Research Title & Documentation  Primary Researcher
Understanding the features of mental health models of care that influence care delivery and patient outcomes in Australian emergency departments Hilary Ferndando
Developing and establishing validity and reliability of an occupational violence risk assessment tool for emergency departments Cara Cabilan

What is the influence of body temperature on the initiation of clinical practice guidelines for neutropenic sepsis in haematology oncology patients: Patient and nursing perspectives.


Christine Mackey

FLEXAR – Exploring musculoskeletal injuries in the emergency nursing profession 


Assoc Professor Julia Morphet
Minimum practice standards for graduate emergency nursing programs Tamsin Jones


2019 Research Title & Documentation  Primary Researcher

Forensic nursing education program for interpersonal violence related presentations

Melanie Brown
Stressors and coping strategies for emergency department nurses in New South Wales of Australia Ali Alomari
Invitation to participate in NHMRC research project: Mental Health in the ED Prof Julia Crilly
2018 Research Title Primary Researcher 
Emergency nurses preparedness to care for paediatric patients Chanika Perera
What are your experiences of death, dying and end of life care within the emergency department  Tomi Adesina
Improving the knowledge and skills of emergency department and mental health nurses to work therapeutically with patients who self-injure /wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Self_Injury_Project_CENA_report_25092019.pdf Irene Ngune
Exploring the perceived disaster preparedness of emergency department (ED) nurses who in regional and rural New South Wales (NSW)
Exploring stress resilience among emergency personnel Joanne Porter
Emergency nurse’s preparedness for paediatric emergencies   Perera, C
 Disaster Education and Training for Australian Nursing Students: A Delphi Study Winnie Ituma
Clinician perceptions on the use of patient controlled analgesia in the ED  Natasya Raja
2017 Research Title Primary Researcher 
CBRNE Knowledge & preparedness among Australian ED staff Hammad, K, PhD
Nurses experiences with interruptions Gao, J, PhD Candidate
Nurses and doctors perceptions and experiences in providing end-of-life care in emergency department settings Giles, Dr Tracey
Reintroducing Practical logic to the use of PPE: A Video Survey Gilbert, Prof. Lyn
An exploration of a nursing role in Emergency Department waiting rooms Innes, K
Revealing the Roadblocks in STEMI management Martin, L
Nurses’ experience of the death of a child in the Emergency Department Copnell, B
Demystifying the role of the ED Clinical Nurse Specialist  Morphet, J; Jones, T; Dunshea, K