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COVID-19 Resources

We know that the situation with COVID-19 is fluid, and our understanding of the virus and how it behaves is still emerging.  This can make it really difficult to understand the risks and management of COVID-19.

The College of Emergency Nursing Australasia has collated links to key resources to help you care for yourself, your family, and your patients.

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Emergency & Critical Care

EMcrit  Scott Weingart is an “ED Intensivist” and offers a number of insights for resuscitationists, this is an enormous emergency and intensive care resource that brings the best evidence-based information from the fields of critical care, resuscitation, and trauma to the bedside.  Dr Cliff Reid’s site is jammed packed full of good stuff from mastering the resuscitation bay, acute medicine, ultrasound and trauma.

InjectableOrange  The brainchild of Jesse Spurr, InjectableOrange offers a wide range of critical care resources, core clinical competency areas with discussion and links to evidenced based practice articles, demonstration videos and procedural guides.

Emergency Care Institute  The ECI website is a dedicated multidisciplinary clinical resource for all things emergency.  It was set up under the umbrella of the Agency for Clinical Innovation, with the primary goal of improving outcomes for patients presenting at hospital emergency departments across NSW through coordination, networking and research.

Evidence Based Practice

BestBets  Developed by Manchester Royal Infirmary Emergency Department in the UK, BestBets provides rapid evidence-based answers to real-life clinical questions, using a systematic approach to reviewing the literature.

Guidelines & Protocols

Asthma and children: diagnosis & treatment is an education program launched by NPS MedicineWise, aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of people with asthma in Australian primary care.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Clinical Care Standard is a nationally agreed standard of care for women with heavy menstrual bleeding.  The clinical care standard was developed by the Commission in collaboration with women’s health experts and consumers, and taking into account feedback from public consultation.

Guidelinesforme  Tessa Davis a paediatric ED doctor now living in Australia who has put together an enormous archive of protocols and guidelines. If you couldn’t find it in our set then look here, or look here anyway and see what others are doing. Tessa is also publisher of great paediatric ED apps.

Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Clinical Manual  This is a library of clinical resources published in January 2013. It includes journal articles, standards, clinical manuals and other training and reference materials.

SESLHD Emergency Nurse Protocols and Standing Orders  This is a collection of protocols and standing order templates covering a wide range of common presenting symptoms.


Nurse Practitioners Career Guide – For Aspiring Nurse Practitioners is a career guide has been created by the  Australian College  of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) to provide nursing students and  registered nurses with information regarding the Nurse Practitioner (NP) role, career path and  opportunities

Resus4kids  This is a very comprehensive and well-presented site on paediatric resuscitation, using an eLearning platform to cover all the basics in detail. Access is free to all NSWHealth employees.  For those not employed by NSWHealth, please contact the site administrator for access

Learning Nurse  The Learning Nurse Resources Network offers continuing education and professional development, that is free and safe resource for ALL levels of nurses to assess, maintain and enhance their professional competence

General Emergency Blogs

This Emergency Life This Emergency Life is a podcast about emergency care. The podcast aims to engage and inform CENA members as well as the broader emergency care community and will include interviews with; emergency care clinicians, researchers, educators, policy makers and thought leaders from Australasia and around the world.

Lifeinthefastlane  Needs no introduction. The LITFL is a medical blog and website dedicated to providing free online emergency medicine and critical care insights and education for everyone, everywhere at anytime. The LITFL team is headed by Mike Cadogan and Chris Nickson, and consists (mostly) of emergency physicians and intensivists based in Australia and New Zealand.

St. Emlyn’s  The Virtual Hospital led by Professor Simon Carley and a dedicated group of blogging clinicians has a broad scope of material delivered in a very digestible way, with the aim of improving emergency care through free and open access education.

ALiEM  Academic Life in Emergency Medicine, is an engaging, emergency packed blog that aims to disrupt how emergency clinicians can gain public access to high-quality, educational content while also engaging in a dialogue about best-practices in emergency care.

EMRAP  Emergency Medicine Reviews and Perspectives, is a monthly audio series with over 20,000 subscribers every month and is the #1 audio program in emergency medicine.  EM:RAP features a world-class faculty from around the globe, presenting a range of EM topics in a tightly edited audio format.

Emergency Medicine Ireland  A fresh and amusing approach to evidence-based emergency medicine, that aims to foster education, reflection, enthusiasm and conversation – all with touch of good humour.

Medinuggets  MediNuggets caters for those working in emergency and critical care with short attention spans and shorter memories.  The aim of MediNuggests is to add to the growing body of Free Online Medical Education (#FOAM) in the field of emergency and critical care by sharing interesting cases, educational ‘nuggets’, links and re-blogging some of the masters in the field.

Emergency Medicine Updates  An enormous body of work and a lot of it very, very good with a mixture of blog style comments and paper reviews with some material on skills, easy viewing. There is some trolling required but it’s worth it.

empem Webucation  Broad range of emergency and critical care topics discussed in depth with audiocasts.

Smart EM  Smart it is EM:Rap style discussions, witty and very detailed.

Specialty Sites

DermNet NZ  Established by the New Zealand Dermatological Society, the national association of New Zealand registered dermatologists, to provide information about skin diseases, conditions and treatment for patients and their health professionals

ECGpedia  A very nice site with lots of great ECG stuff. Useful for all levels unless you are already an ECG superstar, in which case go and do something else, like introduce yourself to your kids. It is interactive and has a nice toy in the “move the arrow and see what the axis does to the ECG”. Try it now!

Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog Interactive ECGs in clinical context.

Interactive ECG

WA radiology  A few good pathways, a limited number of reasonable resolution images worth a drive through and it also has some good links  is a rapidly growing open-edit radiology resource primarily compiled by radiologists and radiology residents/registrars and fellows from across the globe. This well designed and interactive site aims to create the best radiology reference available, and to make it available for free, forever and for all

Packages & Publications

Paediatric Assessment, presented at the WA Paediatric Clinical Development Seminar 7 June 2014 - Download

Paediatric Toxicology, presented at the WA Paediatric Clinical Development Seminar 7 June 2014 - Download

Eye Emergency Manual - NSW Health - May 2009 - Download

Mental Health for Emergency Departments - NSW Health - 2009 - Download

Emergency Nursing Apps

A range of apps relevant to emergency nursing are available here.

CPD Tracking Apps

A number of apps are available here to assist you in recording and tracking your CPD.

Positions Vacant / Employment opportunities

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Cooking with CENA

Katie has kindly put together a couple of videos combining cooking (and some fun), while covering some serious topics - either from her own experience or with subject matter experts that “guest star” to provide their insights as well as having the opportunity to try the dishes Katie has prepared.

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