Marlise The Team ! No matter what we’re all in it together. No other department deals with or copes with what we do!
Stuart The challenge and variations all in one day
Fortunate Being able to adapt to new situations in a moment. Learning new things everyday and increasingly gaining more of my interpersonal skills- communicating effectively and having adapted critically thinking skills.
Kristi I enjoy the challenge that bing an ED nurse brings everyday from caring for a 1 day old neonate to a 100 year old grandmother. No 2 days are the same and I have a chance to make a difference everytime I walk onto the ED floor.
Allyson I love that everyday as an ED nurse aka detective we help people with weird and wonderful presentations get better!
Patricia I love the variety; age, condition, acuity. All comes together to make each day unique and challenging.
You have to think and react.
Marlene Love the fact that I have to be knowledgeable about multiple health issues, be decisive, intuitive and be able to react and act rapidly on different situations.
Rosetta Love that I help when they are most vulnerable, that I learn every day and that my work family always continues to amaze me.
Claire I am a naturally nosy person so I love  hearing the stories from people – what brought them to ED and their backgrounds. It’s a huge privilege what we do in this unique environment which is why I still love emergency nursing after 20 years.
Heidi I love the adrenaline that comes with a priority. Being able to help people at the worst time of their lives and help them get better and their lives back on track.
Courtney Fast pace, challenging environment with an ever changing patient dynamic.
Rebecca I absolutely love that in a time of desperation, fear, pain or uncertainty, I can make a positive difference to someone’s life
Nerida I love that every day is different to the last.  We see the good, bad and ugly and this is reality.  My work colleagues are the rock of the ED and this is what keeps us coming back.
Annie Learning! Every day brings new challenges and opportunities that allow you to build your skill set. Getting to attend ICENA conferences is a massive bonus too!
Ernesto There is mystery in emergency!
Sarah I love that on a moments notice we come together like a well oiled machine to help people on their worst days!
Sandi Love the Science involved within Human Anatomy. Regardless of how the body may be ‘Insulted’ it still does its best to compensate and recover. Also love doing my best for people in crisis
Anne Anyone who comes to the ED is having a bad day by definition – I love making it better by being there for them.
Tiana I love that I can make a significant difference to someone’s life in mere hours. And meeting extraordinary people I would have otherwise never met.
Abha  I get the joy of lending my smile to someone on a day when they have lost theirs due to pain and suffering.
Julie I love providing professional help to our community and being part of the ED team who care, inform and promote best nursing practice.
Wendy Since being an ED Nurse my perofessional and personal growth has soarded. I have gone from a timmed Graduate to a leader. Emergency encourages to never top learning.
Jessica I’m continuously challenged; there’s never a dull moment. I love meeting new people everyday and putting a positive spin on their ED stay.
Rebecca I love being an ED nurse- seeing people on there worst day and hopefully changing that. I love the interaction of multiple types of people and conditions that we get to see.
Kevin The variety, energy and autonomy of emergency nursing. A team member that saves lives, treats pain and provides compassion in a persons most vulnerable moment.
Jennifer I love the challenge that everyday brings, that no shift is the same and I enjoy the close bond formed with my work family.
Laura I love the laughs, I love the tears but most of all I love making a difference in people’s lives.
Christopher I live for adrenaline packed moments when a vulnerable body arrives and in an instant a drive surges that is only squiggly lines can fix.
 Rhian I love that it has prepped me for a much wider role and given me critical thinking skills to work in Health Emergency Management
Kristy I love being a ED nurse for the unpredictable presentations that can walk through the doors to keep me on my toes and be autonomous.
Leanne I feel incredibly privileged to witness life in all it’s forms; the good, the bad and the incredibly stupid! It makes me realise how wonderful and precious life is.
Diana As a self-confessed adrenaline junkie – I love using clinical initiative in the fast-paced, team-oriented patient-focussed three-ringed circus called ED – my happy professional place.
Therese 31 years in July, didn’t love it, wouldn’t do it, fix it, mend it, send it, out the door in 4, ha,ha
Carolyn The challenge of the role with not knowing what you will face each shift.
Stephanie Having 25 other nurses around you in those crazy, hectic shifts,making you laugh and smile to get you through them!
Belinda I work with an amazing team to get people through the worse day of their lives with skill, compassion and humour.
Amy I love being able to use all of my experience in multiple specialties in the one place, and the sheer unpredictable nature of the ED!
Kate Being able to walk into the unknown of an ED every day and make a difference to a persons life is remarkably rewarding.
Winnie I love that everyday is different in ED, fast-paced and incredibly rewarding. I’ve learned valuable leadership and critical-thinking skills while expanding expertise in other specialties.
Jessica Being able to make a great first impression on patients by starting the process of getting them well or giving them dignity in dying.
Sophie We get to care for our patients possibly having the worst day of their lives. Plus we get to see so much interesting stuff!
Gabrielle Thought I was a ICU nurse, reality is I enjoy the front line and what impact we can have on people’s lives.
Debbie The people I work with make working in ED during the good and bad worthwhile. Such a supportive group of people. I love the work.
Maryanne Being there to help people usually at their worse moment if not relieving then comforting the patients family friends & for my peers
Timothy I love being an ED Nurse as it is such a privilege to provide comfort, care and compassion in the darkest time for people.
Gillian Fast pace, lack of space,
The team works on,
The angry patient, the thankful family,
There is a always a story to tell.
Aschleigh Being a nurse manager in a rural facility I can share my knowledge everyday with my team so they can be the best!
Kathryn I am privileged to be an ED nurse. “The circle of life” . Watch a baby being born. Saving lives .Caring for those leaving this world.
Carissa Diversity. Departments, staff, patients, presenting complaints, outcomes.. everything about emergency nursing comes back to diversity and adaptation. No two days are truly the same.
Sharon I love being an emergency nurse as every moment is different, your knowledge and skills are so broad and I love make a difference to patients in a time of crisis.
Kerryn I love that each day is different! It demands extensive knowledge, assessment and prioritisation skills as a nurse. You’re autonomous but teamplay is essential!
Tjirra The suspense. I thrive off the unknown, and the variety of expert clinical skills I have stored away – ready for whatever comes in the doors!
Caitlin You, along with a dynamic team, get to rapidly apply medical science to help and support people at their worse possible moments to offer them their best possible chance at health- it is an amazing privilege
Allison I love the controlled chaos; the unpredictable environment mixed with a reliable interdisciplinary team and general mayhem. There’s nothing better.
Jenna Working in emergency is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!
Tracey 24/7 the ED is “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I enjoy no such thing as predictability.
Julie Working as an  Emergency Nurse is very rewarding,as I am able to provide urgent care to people who need it.It allows me to work in a wonderful team and give back to our community.
Emma Something different everyday !
Darlene I love the fast pace ,  how I can make a real difference to the child and their parents presentation ensuring the total patient centred care starts first in emergency.
Vanessa I love the fast pace of ED, the newness in everyday and the way that a small army becomes a synchronise team within a split second aiming for a desired outcome, i love my ED family.
Robyn I have recently come back to ED and love the team work that I experience every shift caring for our patients.
Claire I love the rewarding but challenging environment I work in as a rural emergency nurse in a holistic approach as most of my patients I also know socially.
Michelle I love the fast-paced, exhausting, empowering, chaos of an adrenaline rush that is emergency nursing; and that I can make a difference for my patients.
Jeck How It is a privilege and great opportunity to able to practice at such a high level in the provision of patient centred care.
Maxwell I love the organised chaos of the fast paced environment.  The day to day challenges bring me back for more.
Alison The ability to make people feel safe when they are most vulnerable
Sarah-Kate I love caring for and making a difference to people in their most vulnerable moments, in a team work environment with constant clinical growth.
Helen It’s my calling and has been for 15 years. Couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
Tracy I love being able to care for someone on the worst day of their lives, and make it a little bit better.
Thomas Working with a dynamic multidisciplinaty team to manage patients in our community. Love IT.
Lucie I love making a difference to a child’s hospital experience in a scary challenging environment. I love the smiles and relief on my patients/parents faces when it goes well.
Cassandra I love working in an environment with treating  a variety of injuries, illnesses and complications and work with patients of all ages and backgrounds from newborns to elderly.
Bronwyn I love the teamwork that we have in my department. It’s what brings me back, day after day.